Equitable Care

The nccPA Health Foundation provides support and leadership that equips PAs to foster equitable care through grant funding, research, programming, and partnerships.

Equitable Care

The nccPA Health Foundation provides PAs with tools and funding opportunities to promote equitable care. We believe that health equity represents the opportunity for everyone to be healthy, but true equity is possible only through an intersectional approach that targets drivers of disparities, fosters cultural humility, and reduces implicit bias in health care.

We encourage and support PAs in designing, evaluating, and implementing whole-person care strategies attentive to the social determinants of health. By helping PAs develop their practice, we foster a health care system that strives to reduce disparities and to ensure equal care access for all.

Diversity, Equity,
& Inclusion

Achieving health equity means recognizing the differing circumstances that communities and individuals face in attaining a healthier future. We believe the PA profession is strongest when everyone’s voice is heard.

The nccPA Health Foundation illuminates the relationship between diverse workforces and inclusivity as a top strategy for mitigating health disparities. We believe that you can’t be what you can’t see. Our aim is to promote the PA profession among diverse populations underrepresented in the medical field and provide essential resources to support their journey.

Health Disparities

Advancing equitable care means addressing health disparities. The nccPA Health Foundation gives PAs the tools to identify and address these disparities through grant funding, ongoing education, and toolkits designed to help incorporate equity as a foundational part of health care.

Equitable Care


Every movement begins with a single action. Be the change in your community and get proactive about equitable care with funding, resources, and education needed to make equity a core part of PA practice.