OUR Story

Since 2005, the nccPA Health Foundation has fostered PA education and provided grant opportunities to those who share our vision of a more equitable health care system.


The nccPA Health Foundation brings together Board Certified PAs, PA students, health leaders, and interprofessional partners to advance the role of PAs in delivering whole-person care.

From our earliest days, the Health Foundation recognized the critical role that PAs have in patient care. Our organization supports PA practice by convening leaders, building networks, providing education, and creating opportunities for all partners to address health disparities. By providing grant-funding and promoting educational resources, we aim to continually improve healthcare delivery for every patient.

Our Vision

A diverse PA workforce providing equitable, accessible health care for all communities.

Our Mission

To equip and empower Board Certified PAs and PA students to improve health for all.

DEI Commitment

The nccPA Health Foundation is committed to fostering a community of Board members, volunteers, Certified PAs, and PA students who, through a diverse workforce, raise awareness of health disparities and champion access to care.

Our Values

Our strategic framework

Mental Health

The nccPA Health Foundation will be a leader in promoting and providing resources for Board Certified PAs’ awareness of mental and behavioral health in whole-person care for patients and providers.

Oral Health

The nccPA Health Foundation will provide leadership and resources to promote Board Certified PAs’ awareness of oral health and its impact on overall health.

Professional Practice

The nccPA Health Foundation will be a leader in fostering Board Certified PAs’ awareness of professional, ethical practice as a means of supporting high-quality care.

Equitable Care

The nccPA Health Foundation recognizes the impact of health inequity and provides support and leadership for programs that equip PAs to foster equitable care through grant funding, research, programming, and partnerships.

Our History

Since our earliest days, the Health Foundation has worked with the nccPA to identify top priorities for improving PA-led care, health care access, and equity. Our efforts include developing educational resources, conducting and supporting research for the profession, and engaging in national efforts to promote the continued integration of oral heath, mental and behavioral health, and professional practice in PA education and practice.

As a small grants funder, many of our initiatives and grant programs encourage Certified PAs and PA students to address health disparities and inequities. Among these, our new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) grant supports initiatives that raise awareness of the PA profession among underrepresented populations.

We recently achieved the milestone of distributing over $250,000 in grant funding, and we’re always looking for new opportunities to support PA efforts to improve health.

Lead the Change

Every movement starts with a single action. Be the change your community needs by leveraging our resource center. We’ll help you build PA-specific skills and gain insight into the key drivers behind health disparities and inequities.