Oral health

The nccPA Health Foundation provides leadership, resources, and funding to promote Board Certified PAs’ awareness of oral health and its impact on each patient’s well-being.


An ongoing goal in achieving equitable, accessible care is to foster recognition of oral health as an essential part of overall health. PAs are often responsible for early management of oral health, providing screening, education, and behavior change counseling. By integrating oral health as a fundamental part of PA practice, PAs can make a lasting difference in America’s oral health crisis and raise awareness of the importance of oral health as part of whole-person care.

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Increase care access

Support all patients, including the millions who don’t have access to oral health care or resources.

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Minimize disease burden

Reduce the burden of oral disease on patient health and minimize instances of associated comorbidities.

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support prevention

Stay one step ahead of oral disease by making oral health screening and prevention a core tenet of PA practice.

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Build community partnerships

Access funding and resources that connect organizations with stakeholders and stay engaged with underserved populations.

TACKLING oral health

Become a leader in the fight for oral health! We empower PAs with grants, reports, and the tools necessary to improve outcomes for the millions of Americans who need access to oral health care.


U.S. spending on dental care in 2016


People aged 2 years and older who had a dental visit in the past 12 months


Work hours lost annually to dental problems


U.S. population without dental insurance

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Smiles for Life

Smiles for Life is the nation's most comprehensive and widely used oral health curriculum for primary care clinicians.

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Every movement begins with a single action. Lead the change in your community and benefit from resources to mobilize, engage, and solidify oral disease prevention within your PA practice.