Healthy Families: A Community Partnership

Board Certified PA Windy Christy, CFHCP-L1, and her team at CrossFit QFE, including PA Student Leyia Oxendine and interprofessional partners Hollie Bass, CF-L2, CF Kids and Jonna Davis, LCSW, CF-L1, CF Kids, are striving to put whole families on a path to better health through exercise and nutrition.

Christy put her work in a larger context, “We need a community of professionals working side by side to provide equitable healthcare outside of the clinic. We are able to reach more people when we work together. By collaborating with our local healthcare providers and CrossFit gym, we can provide an avenue for increased health to our community.”

The project will offer interactive classes that breakdown biases, teach goal setting, educate about exercise and nutrition, and provide a supportive community.

Set in Robeson County, North Carolina, the project speaks to larger opportunities to bridge the gap between sickness and wellness.  The project’s ultimate goals are to reduce childhood obesity, increase mental health, and lower cancer risk.

Christy added, “My professional passion is health promotion, education, and community outreach to the lay and medical community. I am excited to collaborate and see lives change for the better.  With my patients and with the CrossFit classes I coach, my mantra is ‘Food and exercise can be medicine. We simply need to know the right dose.’”

The Health Foundation is glad to support this initiative that seeks to encourages families to pursue exercise and better nutrition in a supportive environment.

This project was supported by the Kathy J. Pedersen Grant to Promote Equitable Care.

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