Metabolic Change, Reducing Healthcare Disparities for Rural Childhood Obesity and Diabetes

Certified PA Sean Kramer and PA Students Meredith Reinhard and Mallory Shellenberger from Lake Erie College PA Program are committed to addressing gaps in nutrition education and access to fresh food, which play a significant role in health disparities.

Set in rural Ashtabula County, this grant-funded project will develop a nutrition curriculum for elementary age students that will include active learning and life skills to support healthy choices.

“Many of the children [targeted by the project] have no education on nutrition as well as financial and access barriers to healthy food. The project will give the children additional tools to overcome the barriers to reduce a lifetime risk of obesity and diabetes,” said Kramer.

Partnerships with the local school system and community organizations will help grantees expand their reach and reinforce their efforts.

Kramer added, “Meredith and Mallory are both from Ashtabula County, faced similar barriers as children, and hope to make a positive impact for their community.”

The Health Foundation is glad to support this initiative that seeks to address food insecurity and sets young people up with healthy habits through the Kathy J. Pedersen Grant to Promote Equitable Care.

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