Overcoming Therapeutic Inertia Using an Intensive Interprofessional Approach to Improve Glycemic Control Among Rural Patients with Diabetes

Removing barriers for diabetes is essential to achieve glycemic control goals.  Grantee Patricia Stevenson, PA-C, and Hudson Headwaters Health Network (HHHN) are striving to improve diabetes care with a team-based care delivery model.

Stevenson will lead an interprofessional team that includes a clinical pharmacist, care manager, diabetes educator, dietician, and a member from HHHN’s population health team.  The PA-led project will leverage education on overcoming therapeutic inertia as a springboard for developing intensive, personalized, and educational programs for high-risk patients with uncontrolled diabetes at rural health centers in New York.

“As a Certified PA working in primary care, I am passionate about promoting my profession.  In a time of provider burnout and increasing rates of job dissatisfaction, it is essential that PAs have opportunities to serve as health care team leaders and nourish their passion for this profession and helping people,” said Stevenson.  “I’m excited to be leading an interprofessional team that is changing the paradigm of diabetes care through interventional and educational programs for our patients with uncontrolled diabetes.”

The project aims to remove transportation barriers through telehealth, pharmacy and medication barriers through enrollment in assistance programs, and food insecurity barriers through education and group classes on how to make the best choices.

Data will be collected regarding glycemic control, patient’s diabetes distress, and provider confidence related to diabetes care.  Ultimately, the goal is for this pilot program to establish a model for diabetes control that can be replicated at other health centers.

The Health Foundation is glad to support this PA-led, interprofessional project as well as its efforts to positively impact health for those with diabetes.

This project was supported by the Kathy J. Pedersen Grant to Promote Equitable Care.

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