SAFE Follow-up Care and Testing Program

The sexual assault patient population is often underserved and overlooked.  Founded and led by Kimberly Hurst, PA-C, Avalon Healing Center is a Detroit-based nonprofit that provides free services and compassionate, trauma-informed care to survivors of sexual assault in Michigan.

Hurst’s project expanded the Center’s programming to incorporate follow-up medical services, specifically STI testing, to improve a survivor’s mental and physical health in the chaotic and traumatic aftermath of sexual assault, reaching more than 150 patients and far surpassing her goal.

The Center serves primarily low income and uninsured patients; and services are inclusive of all ages and people, including men, women, transgendered/intersex, other identifying persons, and children.  In addition, the project increased awareness and accessibility for follow-up care and reduced stigma through community networking with 58 local partners and contacts.

“As a Certified PA, I am so proud of what this profession has allowed me to achieve, and in doing so, helping Avalon Healing Center success in making such a positive impact on the lives of sexual assault patients … Our goal is to transform the landscape of social and healing justice for sexual assault survivors,” said Hurst.

The Center’s overarching goal remains to transform the landscape of social justice for sexual assault survivors and to develop new models of care that support all stages of healing for patients of sexual violence.

The Health Foundation is glad to support this PA-led nonprofit and its inspiring efforts to serve patients who have experienced a sexual assault.

This project was supported by the Kathy J. Pedersen Grant to Promote Equitable Care.

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